Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Another plein air day! There's a beautiful Victorian cottage in its own fenced area not more than 100 metres from Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. The front of the house and adjacent barn look like they haven't changed in 100 years. A very beautiful sight on a sunny day. There's lots of bravura brushwork in this painting, but I got carried away with brushwork at the expense of shape in the trees. The large tree on the perimeter is lacking sculpted shape/form. However the overall colour palette and tonal range is OK.

When driving from Putney to Gatwick airport I often take a short cut via Tickners Wood. It's a really picturesque route, and not well known, thankfully. I decided to try and capture it on canvas! It's where the south downs start, south of London. The composition works well, but the sunlit leaves in the foreground are a bit harsh against the overall colour harmony of the piece. Though I'm a fan of good edges.... the right hand sides of the trees cut the picture like a pair of scissors. Maybe a bit too sharp!

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