Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Another plein air day. Started on the river bed near the floating bird sanctuaries, looking towards Wandsworth bridge, almost contra jour. The tonal range and colour notes are good. I got a bit sloppy with the brush strokes in the foreground, they were just scraped on, rather than placed thoughtfully. The upward fade on the poles was, I think, a consequence of their being less soiled with barnacles and other river detritus at their peaks. Noticing and recording this resulted in a rather satisfactory blending into the sky which I think works very well. The tone and sharp edges of the boats mid river are a bit harsh. 

I turned around and walked to the other end of the bird sanctuaries. To avoid the full force of the sun on my canvas I had to place it at 120 degrees from the scene I was viewing. 90 degrees has been my previous maximum. It was hard work and gave me a neck ache and didn't result in a particularly good picture. Because I was looking into the sun and painting in the shade I was a bit tentative with my paint and it ended up being a bit thin. Tonally a bit dull. Didn't manage to capture the sunny day!

Cycled down to Barnes for an afternoon session on the towpath, looking east towards Barnes railway bridge. I caught the sunny weather much better in this picture, but feel I should have simplified some of the shapes a bit to make them more understandable.

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