Wednesday, 8 February 2012


As it's been so cold over the past couple of days I've been holed out in my studio, the old air-raid shelter. When I renovated it I left one tiny corner, near the door, untouched, so exactly as it was during World War II. Below is a little painting I did of the old corner, together with some of the odds and ends I didn't have the heart to throw away!


  1. Hi Ian.
    Just found your Blog on Valeries. Brilliant paintings. I am now a follower of yours, and I receive your latest paintings by email. Your posting of an old Airaid shelter is brilliant, and it takes me back to those days many years ago. We had an Andersen Shelter, not as grand as your brick one. But it did the trick, especially on one particular Incident. Glad to have found you Ian. All the best.

  2. Ian, I'm with Vic on this. I think this is a fine painting...really interesting components expertly pulled together.

  3. Vic... Thanks for your positive comments. And thanks for following my blog. I hope I can provide a reasonable supply of decent pictures to make it worthwhile!

    David... Thanks for your support. I guess I am making some progress as I wouldn't even have considered a subject like this a year ago!

  4. I agree with Vic and David - great painting and very well executed! I love the way you suggested the buckets and the way the light falls on the wall and floor. Nice one.

  5. Valerie... Thanks very much for your enthusiasm. Looks like I scored a hit with this one ;-)