Friday, 17 February 2012


For this commission I threw away my usual painting style and thought of the great American sailing painter Willard Bond. I wanted to portray the dynamism of the sport and the eccentricity of the water (if only I could create waves like Gary Long!). All in all a neat piece which the client was pleased with.


  1. Quite different to your usual style Ian - like it! How have you tackled the water, and the trees and so on in the background?

  2. Thanks Graham, the water is a brush applied underlayer with thick impasto paint on top, applied with a palette knife. The background is a brush applied underlayer with a palette knife thin skim on top.

  3. I wondered if you'd used a knife. They give some interesting effects, don't they? I mean to make more use of mine.

    Not sure if I mentioned this chap to you, but if not, you should check out William Wray. Great stuff!