Thursday, 21 April 2011


Wednesday started sunny, but soon clouded over. I walked over my favourite footbridge and painted my house (the small white square to the left of the triangular cream facade) and its surroundings. The sky and the sun changed throughout the one and a half hours I was painting. Half the time I was painting contra jour and half the time in overcast conditions. I laid the sky down first, which went well, then things got tricky. I sketched out the very green looking view in green and then added green trees and a green river wall. This was clearly a mistake. It would have been better to sketch in with a mauve line so leaving a few touches of it showing through, complimenting the green. That would have produced a livelier painting, but also a more harmonious one, as there was plenty of pink and blue in the sky. Another lesson learned! The hue of the red boat is correct but its chroma is far too strong for the watery location and dull light. The buoys are too symmetrical and their reflections poorly observed! 24 cm x 30cm oil on canvas.

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