Monday, 11 April 2011


The rain predicted for the morning arrived late, so I popped down on the river bed near Putney Park. There are 3 tethered floating bird sanctuaries which go aground at low tide. In the background is Putney footbridge and Putney road bridge. I've had a problem with plein air painting, getting the tonal range anywhere near right, but I think this one is not far off. 24 x 30 cm oil on canvas.

In the afternoon the sun went in and the sky clouded over. I've never before started a plein air painting without some sun, I've been paranoid that without it I would have no tonal contrast to paint. I was pleasantly surprised that the lack of tones in the scene was compensated by my ability to judge the colour notes I was mixing (it's much more difficult to see them on a sunny day, even in the shadow). I used a palette knife for the sky and clouds. Another passable first :-) 24 x 30 cm oil on board.

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