Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Worked up this view from the plein air oil sketch I did on the riverbed last week. Managed to keep the feeling of sun and heat which I felt from being there. Used a palette knife on the columns and sky. I particularly love the contrast in tone between the two adjacent columns, one catching the full force of the midday sun which brings out its colour and texture, the other, so close by, yet black with shadow! Oil on canvas 30 cm x 40cm.

Warmed down with a quick oil sketch of a boot. I walked past it in the street several days in a row, thinking what a good still life it would make, with its sole coming off and bright orange lining fabric! I decided last Friday that if it hadn't been picked up over the weekend by the council's bin men, I would take it to the studio and paint it, so that is what I did! An exercise in expressing form with colour rather than tone. I enjoyed the challenge and will do more similar exercises! Oil on board 25 cm x 25cm.

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