Wednesday, 14 September 2011


We have a very active artists' community in Putney and every year the local council, Wandsworth run an Open House for artists working in the area to show their work from their homes or studios. The borough is divided into 5 areas of which Putney is one. I am one of 4 local reps helping to get our area's work publicised. This year we have launched a website at The event takes place on the first 2 weekends of October.

Consequently I have only produced a modest amount of work in the past few days, what with painting frames and carrying out other pre-exhibition tasks.

In the two landscape paintings I concentrated on the colour in shadows. Quite an interesting exercise, because as soon as too much colour enters, it can be mis-interpreted by the eye as light, but if there is none, the shadows are dull and lifeless.

Barnes Common - oil on canvas 24 x 30cm

Path from Waterman's green - Putney - oil on board 35 x 35cm

In the to still lifes below I have been developing a more subtle method of representation, particularly working on soft and hard edges. Also, thinking about less conventional compositions.

Red Lollypop - oil on canvas 24 x 30cm

Corn - oil on canvas 24 x 30cm


  1. Ian, I really like these. You have a great eye for a strong design and I love the way you've made the shadows work as focal points in the first two.

    I sympathise with all the time taken away by background activity such as framing etc. It really does eat up the hours, especially if you want to do them justice. Hopefully it'll be worth the effort though and you'll make some sales!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement David, I think it's really important to push the envelope and avoid continually working in the same way.