Friday, 2 September 2011


Being a bank holiday week and having to do a few other bits and pieces I didn't get much done this week. I produced a painting from a photo I took in the rain at the weekend. I thought the woman with the yellow coat, red accessories and colour co-ordinated dog would make a great picture, and indeed it did. Some nice fresh brushwork and successful reflections.

34 x 45 oil on canvas

On Thursday evening I went to the private view of the Plein Air Brotherhood. A very nice bunch of guys and some absolutely superb paintings. Had a chat with Adebanji, David, Karl, Roy and Anthony. I hope to paint with them in the future. Also in attendance was 'The Botticelli of Backlit Barbie Dolls'... as he seemed quite relaxed about being described by an art critic recently.

I was obviously inspired into action to go out today, Friday and hit the riverbed. There was a rather beautiful limpid hazy light in the morning which I tried to capture. Quite tricky, almost pulled it off. To make my task more difficult I painted the hotch-potch of boats under the footbridge and didn't do enough work on simplifying them and throwing out the irrelevant stuff.

24x 30cm oil on canvas 

In the afternoon I headed to the boathouses, with a low but rising tide.  I caught the sunny atmosphere reasonably well.

24x 30cm oil on canvas

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