Sunday, 19 June 2011


I put three pictures in for the Chelsea Art Society summer exhibition and was pleased that all three were accepted. More significantly I felt thrilled and privileged to have one of my paintings, "Midday light - Putney Footbridge" attributed with the status "highly commended"! One of only two pictures to have this recognition out of over 650! Being recognised by ones peers is most satisfying. My congratulations go to the 10 artists who were given awards.


  1. Well done indeed! Deservedly so too. Your paintings are beautifully done. I love the composition and sense of light in this one.

  2. Thanks David for your encouragement. I agree, the composition got the painting off to a good start and you know how it is... when things start off well, with a bit of careful control, they sometimes continue that way. Unfortunately not always!! ;-(