Saturday, 10 March 2012


My daughter, Lucy, asked me to take her very old cowboy boots to the cobbler for repair. I couldn't resist painting them a couple of times before taking them.

I painted some interior views of my studio. In both I wanted to capture the odd mixture of both the warm spotlight and the cold daylight.

Finally, I headed out for a bit of plein air, firstly under the footbridge and then in Bishop's Park in Fulham. I've been trying to develop a method of approach to my plein air painting which I can put into practice most times. It's just beginning to fall into place. In the bridge picture the light was flat and grey, so it took some careful observation to make anything of it (I prefer a bit of sunlight). In the park painting there was some lovely warm light being reflected off the distant grass, captured in the doors and brickwork at the right of the building.

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