Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I've spent the last couple of days working up two plein air sketches from last week (see previous blog), into a larger painting (above) measuring 24cm x 60cm. I then used the same colour scheme and tonal range to work up a photo I took down on the riverfront about 10 days ago. These pictures have a very wide tonal range which gives them quite a punch. They hang together quite well, but as usual the brushwork is a bit haphazard! As is often said, a finished painting should look like a battleground! These do!


  1. Waw! These are AMAZING! I love everything about these paintings: the soft impressionistic brushwork, the contrast between light and shadows,the warm glowing skies, the way you suggested the boats: everything works just right. I particularly love the top one. The type of painting I wish I painted myself or I owned!

  2. Thanks Valerie, your comments put me in a great mood for the day! I don't understand why we look at other's work so differently from our own! I could equally make the comments you made to me, back to you! Maybe we should swop a picture some time ;-)

  3. Great work Ian - lovely development of those plein air studies.